Magoffin's grave site
Magoffin’s grave site



The History Tour will take you on a journey back in time. Tourists will enjoy a 40 minute bus trip out to The Powell Creek area, west of Yaraka. The first stop is the town of Welford, which unfortunately never came to be. All that shows of the proposed town are surveyors pegs which still stand, after nearly a 100 years.

After this we head North and checkout the beautiful Battle Waterhole, and Boomerang Waterhole on our way to Magee’s Shanty. Magee’s Shanty is where legend has it Banjo Patterson wrote ‘A Bush Christening’. In close proximity, we pay tribute to Richard Magoffin, who unfortunately perished in 1876.

You enjoy the journey in our air conditioned bus with the tour talking approximately 3 and a half hours at a cost of $25 per person. Book Now on (07) 46575526


















Beautiful picture taken by Paul Beutel


The spectacular lookout of Mount Slowcombe is situated only 8 kilometres from Yaraka. Visitors can walk over to the Hotel, grab some drinks and snacks and climb aboard our modern air-conditioned  13 seater bus and enjoy the 10 minute journey to the top of Mount Slowcombe. Once there sit back, enjoy a cool drink and amazing views, and changing colours of a truly magnificent outback sunset.

The trip takes approximately an hour and a half with the cost being a donation to the Yaraka School Fund or the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Meals available at the hotel upon your return.

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Yaraka Hotel Opal Fossicking Trip



Opal fossicking at Castle Rock

The Opal Fossicking Trip leaves Yaraka where you enjoy a ride out to Castle Rock in our 6 seater ATV (all terrain vehicle). On the way out enjoy the spectacular scenery as we follow a goat track in to the heart of the Yang Yang Range. Once we arrive at Castle Rock get your hammer and bucket and start opal fossicking. Even if you’re not into opals the remarkable scenery and variety of rocks will fascinate a variety of people. The tour takes approximately 3 and a half hours at a cost of $25 per person.

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Our modern air-conditioned 13 seater bus

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